Korecs K-Mobile


Paul Brodin | Managing Director

“In the past we’ve written several articles talking about how a much broader base of field workers could benefit from the collection of high-accuracy geospatial data for their businesses. However, for some organisations, the cost of a large scale rollout have been prohibitive. Well Trimble Catalyst knocks that problem into a hat! Trimble Catalyst not only keeps start-up costs to a minimum – just about everyone has a smartphone these days and many organisations already operate a BYOD policy (bring your own device) – but also ensures that operating costs are reduced because this is an ‘on-demand’ service. Additionally, you only pay a subscription for the level of accuracy you require, metre, submetre, decimetre or precision.

And it couldn’t be easier to get started – here’s how:

Choose a Trimble Catalyst enabled app (great news for KOREC customers and K-Mobile Android)
Plug the Catalyst DA1 antenna into your Android phone or tablet’s USB port
Select a subscription based on your accuracy needs – metre, submetre, decimetre and precision.”

Trimble is enabling us to deliver better solutions for our customers thanks to the level of integration that the SDK provides,” said Paul Brodin of Korec Group. “It allows us to provide sophisticated solutions that are innovative, easy to use and remove the technical complexity associated with high-accuracy workflows

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