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SDK for Catalyst

Trimble Precision SDK for Catalyst

The Trimble Precision SDK is a set of libraries that allows you to integrate Trimble Catalyst and any other Trimble made GNSS sensor into your Android application. The libraries are provided in Java or Xamarin C# and contain a unified, object-oriented driver component.

Trimble Precision SDK

Trimble Precision SDK

The Trimble Precision SDK is a set of libraries that allows you to integrate Trimble technology with a focus on field applications. The Windows-based SDK provides a unified, object-oriented driver component, a Trimble licensing component, a spatial imaging component any many more.

Access SDK

Trimble Access SDK

The Trimble Access SDK is an API that allows a developer to build custom modules into Trimble Access. By reusing the Trimble Survey Core framework it allows any developer to leverage the existing code base to build customized workflows on top of Trimble Access.


Tekla Partners Program

Tekla Partners Program helps partners and customers develop complementary applications and integrations that add value to Tekla software. Join the program and get Tekla Partners Program Suite, access to full support, permission to sell your apps, and the possibility to reach Tekla users around the world and much more.


Viewpoint Partner Program

The Viewpoint Partner Program is designed to facilitate the integration of third-party solutions to Vista - the industry-leading construction and accounting software solution. Viewpoint has forged numerous relationships over the years to further provide customers and partners with the support and solutions they need to succeed.

Agriculture APIs & SDK

Trimble Agriculture APIs & SDK

Trimble Agriculture provides tools for farmers to coordinate field activities, manage disparate data sources and make data-driven decisions to improve quality and yield. Our developer tools enable you to build mobile apps for Trimble Android displays or integrate precision farming data with Trimble Ag software.


Trimble EMPOWER Developer Portal

The Trimble EMPOWER Platform combines leading-edge mobile computing devices with a flexible modular interface and a free to join developer program to create a truly open-ended field computing solution. Whether you want to develop a custom module, your own software—or both—everything you need to know is here.

SketchUp Thumb

SketchUp Developer Program

The SketchUp SDK includes the SketchUp C API, LayOut C API, the SketchUp Importer/Exporter Interface, full documentation, example projects, as well as the deprecated SDK. It is available for Mac and for Windows.

Trimble-Dev-illustrations_Trimble Connect

Trimble Connect Developer Resources

Trimble Connect is an open platform, with API/SDK features that enable data-flow from a variety of applications. Customize workflows by combining Connect with Trimble Integrations, Partner Integrations, or by integrating with existing enterprise solutions.


Trimble MAPS Developer Portal

The Trimble MAPS developer portal provides the tools you need to build routing, scheduling, visualization, and navigation applications. Bring your vision to life with documentation, code samples, and demonstrations for our web, desktop, and mobile SDKs and APIs.